Our Product Line

Tryton Tool Services product line includes retrievable completion and production packers, workover packers and service tools, permanent packers, coiled tubing packers, open hole packers, casing patches, flow control, tubing anchors, sand removal systems, cement retainers, bridge plugs, liner pickoffs/hold downs, jet pump testing and all related accessories.

Tryton also specializes in supplying various multi-stage frac systems (MSFS) systems which are utilized in the aggressively growing and evolving horizontal completion field including open hole packers (both hydraulic and swellable), ball drop frac ports, full bore frac ports, as well as technically designed cemented-in systems of which some are complimented with a positive locating coil tubing actuation system.Tryton supplies experienced on-location personnel to run our products as well as all applicable services relative to our product line both domestically and international.